Agarest: Generations of War Zero (PS3)

Agarest: Generations of War Zero (PS3)
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Agarest: Generations of War Zero POPIS:

Žánr: RPG
Platforma: Playstation 3
Lokalizace: EN
Multiplayer: TBA
Obal a manuál: EN
Čárový kód: 5036675013798

In a time long forgotten, the gods of darkness and light fought in a savage battle across generations, ravaging the land they had created. A deadlock ensued leaving the Scarred Mountains to divide the continent between the sworn enemies.

With wounds running so deep, the balance could not last forever and soon the darkness would arise to face its foe once again. In this most pivotal installment of our epic tale, we take you back to that most ancient of battles revealing the story of events preceding Agarest Generations Of War...

...While patrolling the mountains, Sieghart, a young officer loyal to the armies of light, meets a strange girl. This chance meeting will change the world...

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