Armored Core V (PS3)

Armored Core V (PS3)
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Armored Core V POPIS:

Platforma: Playstation 3
Žánr: Akční
Lokalizace: EN
Multiplayer: Ano
Obal a manuál: EN
Čárový kód: 3391891959629
PEGI: 12
Výrobce: Namco Bandai Games

The ARMORED CORE series is renowned in the mech action genre for its intense one-on-one battles and customization options. ARMORED CORE V is a new entry that revolutionizes the series with more content than the previous games, a completely new atmosphere, and a robust offline mode. In addition, the online mode has been newly designed to focus on huge team-based battles on a global scale. Featuring mechs or "Armored Cores" that are smaller in scale than in previous games, ARMORED CORE V centers more on tactics and effectively utilizing the geography of a level rather than just relying on attacks.

In a shattered world, the people are pushed toward the abyss of catastrophe, yet they keep fighting. With a theme based on the idea of human strength in the face of adversity, the story describes the folly and transience of humanity as well as its never-give-up attitude when faced with a desperate struggle.

Doporučený věk min. 12

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