Battle of the Bands (Wii)

Battle of the Bands (Wii)
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Battle of the Bands POPIS:

Platforma: Nintendo Wii
Žánr: Hudební
Lokalizace: EN
Multiplayer: Ano
Obal a manuál: EN
Čárový kód: 4005209105187
PEGI: 12
Výrobce: THQ

Band Mashups is the first time a musical “mashup” game has been delivered on Wii, allowing players to battle it out with their preferred musical style. Band Mashups features both an exciting two player versus mode and an extensive single-player campaign where players take on the role of one of eleven bands trying to topple the nefarious big boss Mr. Hong and take control of the faraway city of New Cadenza. Band Mashups introduces the innovative concept of “music switching,” putting the player winning the battle in control of the style of music both players hear. When an opponent turns the tide of battle, the music changes as well, switching between different music styles. Band Mashups features 30 classic and modern chart-topping hits from over the last four decades, all of which have been recorded in five different styles - (rock, funk/hip-hop, country, Latin and marching band) - for the game, resulting in a total of 150 unique, playable recordings.

Doporučený věk min. 12

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Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)Battle of the Bands (Wii)

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