Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)
Lollipop Chainsaw is the 'un-deadly' story of sweet but killer zombie-hunter Juliet Starling and her quest to uncover the root of a colossal zombie outbreak.  With her wickedly awesome chainsaw in hand, Juliet slices, dices and splits her way through hordes of the undead, but soon realises the
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Jigsaw has killed your partner and destroyed your life. Now he has trapped you in an abandoned insane asylum that he alone controls. If you can defeat his brutal traps and survive, you may just discover the truth behind what drives this twisted serial killer.SAW is a third-person perspective, surviv
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SAW II (X360)
Step into the dark and tormented world of SAW II and experience the gruesome traps that Jigsaw has created to test your will to survive. With newly implemented puzzles and combat system, players will need to think fast and react to pass the rigors of the tests Jigsaw has engineered. Set between the
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